Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Bangs for the Buck!

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My friend Alice in New Jersey directed me to Jon Stewart’s hilarious take on the inauguration, which was, yep, insightful.  My friend Suz in DC had bemoaned the meaningless “pomp and circumstances,” too, as  I blithely went on about the symbolism of the day.

I've taken it awfully seriously and with earnest intensity, from the symbolism of  inaugurating our first African-American president a second time on MLK day, to the president’s “coming out as a Liberal” (as Steward delicately put it with his usual double entendres),  to the wonderful epic poem by Richard Blanco.

Still, there’s something to be said about the fact that Michelle Obama’s new hairstyle took center stage.  Even the president admitted as much.

That led me to a new way of looking at the media coverage of the inauguration: I call it "More bangs for the buck."

The idiom came to mind as I directed my thinking away from the serious import of the day to the emphasis on Michelle’s bangs, her coat and outfit, her inaugural gown, her fashion statements, her eye roll at the luncheon at the Capitol, and other  media highlights, which are now called “photobombs” and “memes.”

In hindsight, I have a few to add myself: like Jennifer Hudson’s song at the Commander-in-Chief ball (she looked awfully skinny by the way), when she didn’t know what to do after she sang it and no one cared.  I'd also hype the image of Joe Biden running around and across Pennsylvania Avenue like a flaming presidential candidate.  Good lord. The thought entered my mind, and it won't go away.  He's running for president!  And Obama's 2nd term is just beginning. And Hillary's in the wings.  

I guess I need to catch up with the cultural tempo of the times.  And “more bangs for the buck” seems a good idiom for the day right now.  The media sure did get lots of money and excitement and value out of those bangs.    

Maybe Americans have had enough of partisan politics and would rather focus on less serious issues, let’s put it that way.  I’d go with the bangs, myself, rather than more of the “fiscal cliff” politics that preceded the inauguration and will follow it.  And that continue in the form of Republicans in Congress haranguing and harassing Hillary Clinton and politicizing yet again the tragedy of Benghazi. 

There's more to America than "One today....One Sky."   

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