Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Days in San Miguel

Photos taken from his iphone: the Parroguia (top left) and other churches;  me at the Mercado; street scene; the inside of Teatre Peralta with SheepDog, the Beatles tribute band, on stage; and SMA at night.  
January 1, 2013 Tuesday
“It’s our last day,” Josh said this morning. 
“Yep, and we have only 200 pesos left!”
“I think we managed our money pretty well.”
“I think so too.  We’re down to our last penny.  Well, our last 200 pesos!”

We walked and talked.  Took a route we hadn’t taken before. Went to town.  Had supper at a nice Italian restaurant, lots of food and a good pistachio gelato. 

“Should we take one last walk into town,” Josh asked.  “Sure!"  I was glad he suggested it.

I checked my email and Josh checked out some songs from an old video game that he kept remembering.  “You know how some songs from the past just come into your head, and won’t go away?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied.  “That happens to me a lot.  Like I’m singing Imagine with John Lennon.  In fact, I’d like that song played at my funeral.  That and Let it Be.  
“NANA! How did you go there?” 
“Oh I don’t know. It happens, like a song popping up in your head.”

“Okay,” Josh says.  “Now I’m noticing the details of the architecture.  And that tin sculpture of Don Quijote.”   We were at the hotel across from the Parroquia.

“Right, I want to take a photo of you with Don Quijote, in his new year’s mask, and his partner Sancho Panza.”  

Josh was amenable.  I tried to tell him a little about Cervantes’ famous novel, about the idealistic chivalrous knight and his partner, a simple farmer, fighting evil.  It’s a bit of a “Star Wars” story, I told him.    

I’m not sure he got it, but so what? I’ll give it  to him again, at some point.  It’ll have more meaning.  

Meanwhile, the most important thing is being together in San Miguel: showing him the traveler side of his Nana, enjoying Josh and his emerging travel personna, winding up a fabulous trip, and  making lifelong memories! 

We're packing it up.  Adios, San Miguel! Hasta luegol.  Regresaremos!
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