Friday, January 4, 2013

From Balmy San Miguel to Wintry Sylvania

Michelle with her boys, Josh, Kyle and Chase.
 Josh loves the leather jacket he got in Mexico.  

"Mornin' Mom.  Want to go to Mayberry Diner for breakfast with me and the boys?  My treat!"  It was my daughter Michelle calling around 9:00 am.  I was just getting up, making the coffee.  

"Love to!"  So I went with  Michelle and "the boys," Josh, Kyle and Chase, to the popular Mayberry Diner to have a hearty breakfast on a cold winter day.  Very cold.  Frigid! 

"We're not in San Miguel, Nana!" Josh had that right.

"We have some great memories to keep us warm," I replied.  

"Yeah, and it's great being home with our family, too."

San Miguel memories linger.  They always will.  One of the joys of traveling. And one of the greatest things of all for this special trip: it opens a whole new world for Josh.

Top row, on one of our last walks about our La Aldea neighborhood. Dome of Bellas Artes; a neighborhood church on Calle de Allende;  a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe on a street corner; Josh and I at Mesa Grande cafe; Josh in front of the Don Quijote B&B and next to a very tall cypress tree in front of it. These sturdy Italian-like cypress, which can grow to over 75 feet tall, tower over the town, here and there, swaying gracefully in mountain breezes. I tried to capture a Hummingbird in that bunch of bougainvilla but missed it.  Josh saw it several times: a tiny bright blue bird furiously fluttering its wings.  It might have been a message from my brother Loren, who loved watching the Birdsong Nature Preserve in Tallahassee.  

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