Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feliz Ano Nuevo from San Miguel!

December 31, 2012
"What's on today?"
"Errands. Then tonight, New Year's Eve in the Jardin." 
"Sounds good. Vamos! Let's go."

So on the last day of 2012, Josh and I ran around doing errands in town.  We confirmed the shuttle back to Leon airport for the 2nd;  changed dollars for peso (at 12.50 peso to the dollar, a good deal);  went to the pharmacy for some Tendra, which relaxes the stomach (no big deal or anything); stopped at Mesa Grande wifi café to check email (and were gently reminded by the owner, who knows me well, that we had left the restaurant last time without paying).  

We walked to the park (above), where young kids played on swings, young men  played soccer or basketball, and a man went along a path walking seven dogs (Josh counted them!).  I noticed the murals and the flowers.  On the way back to the B&B for a little siesta, we stopped for lunch at a favorite outdoor street restaurant (under the yellow tent, Josh on his iphone waiting for his salad).  A women, Judi, whom we had met earlier at the Mercado (with her husband Michael, both from Oregon) saw us and joined us.  That happens a lot in San Miguel.  Josh is a delightful conversationalist, and we chatted about anything and everything, including that she was a pilot at one time, and now they are thinking of moving to San Miguel fulltime. 

Every day is an adventure, exploring new streets, scenes, and senses.

New Year's Eve in the Jardin was no exception. We headed there around 7pm to join a boisterous crowd.  The Christmas lights seemed  multiplied and magnified, the Parroquia glowed in heavenly light, the balloons and sparklers added to the festive spirit.  We didn’t make it to 12:00 midnight, but we did wait for the opening of a  Mexican rock and roll band.     

As we waited and people-watched, after dinner at a pretty restaurant, Josh regaled me with his incredible knowledge of the “Star Wars” series.  He knows every detail, the story, the characters, the lines, the meaning of the fight between good and evil, the complexities and intricacies of the productions.  He loves talking about it, and I love listening to him.  He calls himself a “Star Wars nerd!”   Honestly, his knowledge, insight and understanding is amazing.  He says the lines with passion, drama.  He treasures the three books he has on the series, and he can’t wait for a new series to begin, "sometime in 2015" he informed me.   He speculates what the sequel could be.  He’ll be 18 then! I think he’ll be the first in line to see that movie when it comes out.     

How thrilling to be in San Miguel with Josh on New Year's eve. What a wonderful time we had.  Memorable. What gratitude filled my heart.  Being with Josh on the dawn of 2013 was the best New Year’s ever! 

And the fireworks? Oh, right.  We were in bed when it hit 12 midnight.  Then I heard the boom, boom, boom.  The fireworks filled the night sky, from the Parroquia, around the hills, everywhere. The church bells pealed, joyously, on and on. I ran up to Josh' bedroom to get to our  rooftop deck, calling to a soundly sleeping Josh on the way.  It was glorious, and Josh finally did stir to join me for most of them.  Best view in town. Thrilling!  

(sometimes I think I'm wearing Josh out!).

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