Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"мы требуем честных еревыбров!!!"

The People's Will: "мы требуем честных еревыбров!!!"

Amazing how a simple issue like "We demand fair elections" (from a Russian protester's sign, above)  can ignite a conflagration of protest, like a match thrown in dry timber.     

Pent-up frustration and discontent, building up over years and years, are now erupting at the slightest nudge, worldwide.   TIME magazine's new 2011 "Man of the Year" issue confirms the phenomenon.  

"The Protestor."  Everywhere in the world, protestors are having their say.  From Tunisia to Egypt to Russia to Europe to America, like rolling thunder.  The message: We want to be heard; we want to have some control over how we are governed; we want change.    

It's almost like the 1960s, when the Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam war movements in the US erupted from the grassroots level, from the farms and fields of Mississippi, from the towns and cities of North and South, and gave hope for social change.  

It's happening again, and this time it's happening around the globe, in every region of the earth. 

It's time.  It's time for economic and political ruling elites worldwide to pay attention.  It's time for Obama to listen too.  America is not immune to the global outpouring of protests.

"The Protestors" will hold their title and claims into the new year.  Maybe the "Man of the Year" in 2012 will be "the Reformers," the rulers who listen to the protestors, bring them into the process and lead the charge for the end of poverty and for economic opportunity and justice for all.   
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