Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daily Life Survival Kit

This Survival Kit by jubewong, flickr photo. Adding a stuffed animal is a great idea.

When I was a PCV in Ukraine something new happened every day. I learned to expect the unexpected.

I found myself out of my comfort zone most of the time; I just grew to live with it. The language was one thing, the pace of life another, gaining trust to work together another. Some ideas floated, others touched ground. Accidents sometimes happened, like breaking a bone, or .changing schedules, to take a less drastic example. The best-laid plans could turn topsy turvey at any time. Being "in the dark" was a common experience.

We relied on PCV friends when things got rough, when a project fell through, miscommunication led to misunderstanding, frustration mounted. PCV Meg Thornhill and friends offered a “PCV Survival kit” for such times. I added a few items. I think we could use this kit anytime, for daily life anywhere on the planet. Fill your backpack and add what you need!

Mounds candy bar, for the mounds of information you take in and give out
Crayons, to color your day
Bandaid , for when you hit a rough patch
Lifesavers, for when you have “one of those days” .
Crackers, for an upset stomach when your driver is going 90 mph around bends on a winding road, and passing on a wing and a prayer to boot
H2O for when the car heater is turned on to protect the engine in 100 degree weather, and you have two more hours to go to reach your destination
Clothespin, to remind you to “hang in there”
Dictionary, because you always need one, whether it helps or not
Wool gloves, for handling wary colleagues with care
Pair of socks, handy after walking through inevitable puddles on unpaved roads
M&Ms, to treat yourself
A mint, to remember you’re worth a mint to the people you’re serving, and they are worth a mint to you!

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