Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life Gets Better

The generations enjoying life, and little Chase's daddy and grandma enjoying Chase, our newest family member!

There was a time when a sad divorce wrecked havoc in the life of my family. It was a difficult time. But as the years passed, so did the self-blame, the depression, the disappointment, the "what ifs"
My kids, who got the brunt of the divorce, have had the blessed time to deal with the painful aftermath. I started a new chapter in my life, actually several new chapters. Sadness evolved into gladness, for all concerned. That’s why it was nice to have a family reunion at Casa de Michelle last night, when Elissa and Michelle’s dad Loren and his wife Joy, with their cute dog Dandy, came from California for a visit. Joy's 96-year-old mom Roz was with us too, and I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to talk with her about her dad, who came to America from Russia. Time heals most wounds, if you let it. Most of all, the kids and grandkids receive and witness the love. Life gets better,
if you take life as it comes.

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