Saturday, October 1, 2011

Still Missing Loren

PHOTOS: Loren and me in Costa Rica, crossing Lake Arenal, with the stunning volcano behind us, which we watched in all kinds of light but it never put on a show, and the famed town of Monteverde in front of us,
with its lush Santo Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, a major eco-tourism destination. What beauty and joy we shared on this trip.

Life gets better, but grieving doesn’t. Or maybe it takes more time, or more than time.

I miss my brother Loren. I want to talk with him, see him, hear him. My sister and I have lost our favorite political

guru and ranter. We could say things to each other that we wouldn’t say out loud to any other living soul, and be forgiven, understood, even encouraged! We could say the most outrageous things that came into our heads, without screening. We laughed a lot as we went over the top on our favorite demons.

How I wish my spiritual twin was here with me in real time. Is he with the angels? In peace? Conversing with the goddess he worshipped? I want to believe it, but I have my doubts. I can almost hear Loren correcting me as I say this. "There are no ends in nature" he is saying. "Only beginnings."

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