Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Autumns of our Lives

Autumn scenes in Sylvania, with a few photos of Elissa's and my exercise class and our fearless leader, young Wendy.

A year ago I wrote about Fall in Starobelsk, Ukraine. It’s very pretty at this time of year, walking up Panfelova to Karl Marx, through the University, bright with yellow-leafed, white bark birch trees, down Lenina to downtown. When I lived at Natalia’s on Kyrova, I just walked out the yard to the Post Office, book store, Library, shops, and Lenin Park, all right there, all ablaze with the bright light and colors of Fall.

Now it’s Fall in Sylvania, Ohio, USA, and it is also very pretty. It’s nice to walk around the neighborhood, go to the exercise class Elissa and I are taking at St. Joe’s Parish Center (a few photos above), drive to downhtown Toledo or over the border up to Michigan. The foliage is beautiful. It reminds me of autumns in Rochester when I was growing up, in New England when I was an undergraduate student at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, in Wisconsin when I was a graduate student in Madison. It brings back distinctive memories associated with the season. Autumnal nocturnes.

Fall is a beautiful season everywhere in the world, the autumns of our lives, now and forever.

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