Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nix Vegetarian Meals!

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My vegetarian meals haven’t gone over so well with my family. Elissa, Julia, Tony and Philip, and also Kyle and Josh, find my ratatouille, summer squash and tomato sauce over couscous, and my vegetarian-only salads unappetizing, or a bit boring. In any case, they take a spoonful of this and that and leave me with lots of leftovers. Josh says he’s full; Julia says she isn’t hungry; Philip wants to go play with the treasure box; and Elissa says, yuk, all vegetables! I haven’t even gotten to the recipes cousin Kathy Curro kindly sent, which might be part of the problem. Alli would go for vegetarian, but she hasn’t been over because she is too busy with volleyball (they are 5-1 now) and other school leadership activities, student council, prom court, homecoming, etc. So I’m returning to spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs, chicken, and pork, which everyone likes. Except Alli. I’ll go vegetarian next time she is able to join us, but nix the vegetarian meals in the meantime. We are gathering for a steak dinner, cooked on the grill, on Sunday night!

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