Friday, September 23, 2011

Imagination Station

Photo collage: That's Josh, posing in astronaut cutout; some of the science "stations"; Josh on highwire; me taking a photo in a hologram-type mirror demonstrating effects of energy/heat of some kind. My brain appears to be as cool as the sweater I am wearing.

Josh and I spent a great afternoon at the Imagination Station, a hands-on science museum for kids of all ages. There are great explorations of everything from light, electricity and energy to holograms to water works. Josh rode on a unicycle high up on a tight wire. I got vertigo just watching him. He posed behind a great cut-out photo of an astronaut, went into wind tunnels, tried his hand at sportscasting, piled up magnets, shot balls into the air with pulleys, witnessed optical illusions, bent light and sound, and halograms. He did the hands-on stuff and I read the very well-done posters explaining the science of the activities. The fun museum is in downtown Toledo, right on the waterfront, and the views are fabulous. A super way to spend time with my grandson.

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