Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nature's Show

Nature is putting on quite a show here in Sylvania, Ohio.  A light show.  The sunrises and sunsets in the last few weeks have been stunning, casting a golden glow on the world, even as the weather turns frigid and frost covers the marigolds. East and West are competing with each other to see which casts the most golden light on the landscape. I don't see as many sunrises as sunsets, but when I do I am grateful for the early mornings.  It's like a first-class seat at the theatre.

The sunsets perform as brilliantly.  I go out almost every night to watch the setting sun turn the eastern sky aglow, and sometimes  a moon rise accompanies it.  In the west, meanwhile, a red ball descends behind darkening trees, and  pink clouds sit on top of  changing foliage. A dance of light, with red and orange dancers swirling around the edges.

I stand between them, looking this way and that, in awe, one of those few times I wish for a companion to share the joy.   In time, a silvery shimmering landscape unfolds over the earth. The moon rises in all its glory.

It's light conversing. And it's enough.

Keep your eyes on the golden light.  Keep your eyes on the moon.  It's my brother Loren. Is he trying to tell me something?  Maybe something about the beauty of the environment, and keeping it that way? Maybe about the resilience and faithfulness of the planet as it turns, turns, turns?

Sure the days are shorter, the nights longer and colder; winter is on its way. Today the light is gray. Still, the loved ones who are gone, whom we miss, are sending out their light.  Is there anything more moving?

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