Thursday, October 24, 2013

Annual Visit to Gust Brothers Pumpkin Farm

A family visit to Gust Farm.
We made our annual trek to Gust Brothers Farm a few days ago, just up the road from my place on Main Street, Sylvania, to get more pumpkins, Halloween decorations, fresh veggies, jams and flowers.  Michelle's boys, my grandsons, ages 16, 11 and 2, ran freely around the farm. Chase loved the farm animals and the bunnies. So did his older brothers. We all enjoyed the cider and donuts and cookies.  Chase had orange and green frosting all over his face before he was done. My sister Andy, visiting from Tallahassee, Florida, reveled in the colors that infused the countryside and the farm- land.  "So close to home, too," she said. "It's the one thing I miss about living down South." 

I grew to love the four seasons again after spending two years in Ukraine with the Peace Corps.  Before that, for a decade, I had lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, and thrived on the balmy weather, the Gulf and the ocean, the palm trees and exotic flowers.  I didn't even own a winter coat then. I wondered how I'd survive the Ukrainian weather almost as much as the language barrier.

Spring, summer, fall and winter came in turn.  And it was great. It was like being in western New York State where I had grown up, then living in  Boston, Madison, Wisconsin, and Toledo, Ohio.  "I like living in a place that has four seasons," I told Andy. 

"Well, I hope you feel this way as winter rolls in," my sister laughed, "which it seems to be doing right now!"  She put up her hood for emphasis.  I could feel a North wind blowing over us as we searched the pumpkin patch under gray skies.   I think I'm ready for it.  Ready for the turning of the seasons, and the beauty each brings.

Our Gust Farm visit brought it together, enjoying a family outing as fall was turning into winter.   "To everything there is a season."
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