Friday, November 9, 2012

Kyle's Photos

Sylvania benches, Historic village, the Bakery (we stopped for a cookie), Harmony, the new doghouse store (upper right), Dragonfly, the Christmas tree, designer white trees, Elements,  historic buildings. Kyle in the Park noting the Sylvania maple leaf.  PHOTOS BY KYLE.
My 10-year-old grandson Kyle and I took a walk around downtown Sylvania today, up and down Main Street. It was a beautiful sunny blue-sky day. We had done the same last night, when they lit up the annual Christmas Tree. But today I handed him my camera and said: "Here, take photos of some of your favorite things!"  He was happy to do it.  The collage above shows some of his photos, and one I took of Kyle standing next to the Sylvania symbol of a planted maple leaf. The city of trees. He pointed that out to me.  He loves his hometown, and he knows it well.  I learn from him. And I see things differently through his eyes.  It's a wonderful world!
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