Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America's Demographics Rule

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So it all came down to demographics.

The "demographic time bomb exploded," as "Morning Joe" Scarsborough, a hardcore R from the Florida panhandle, put it.

"Demographics is destiny," said Julian Castro, the popular Latino Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, whose twin brother was just elected to the US Congress.  They are both Democrats.

Latinos in every state across the country, from Florida to Texas, East to West, North and South, came out big for Obama.  He won 71% of the Latino vote, at a time when Latinos are becoming a greater share of the electorate. It's been predicted for a while.

Coming up behind them, I think, are pan-Asians and their American-born offspring, from America's older Japanese and Chinese immigrants to the current inflow from  Korea, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam.  This demographic is growing, and fast. This is not to mention the growing percentage of Americans who consider themselves multi-ethnic.  Or young people, of whom 47% under 18 years of age are minority and non-white.

"We have to recognize the demographic changes in this country," Republican strategist Mike Murphy said, in a frank assessment of the election outcome.  "It's not enough to get 55% of the rural white vote. We have to appeal beyond our base."

"If you don't understand this brave new world, you can't understand politics," Jeff Greenfield wrote (Yahoo news, 11/07/12).

The United States is a nation of immigrants, a nation of great diversity, now more than ever. The Latino vote reflects this rich cultural history and this long-emerging trend that has changed, and will continue to change, the electoral landscape of  our great country. America's demographics rule. 
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