Friday, November 16, 2012

"Big GIfts?" Meaning Bribes? Even Rs are Disturbed by Romney's Views

"What Jindal [Governor of Louisiana] says is not political rocket science," says Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice. If the GOP "wants to thrive and even survive nationally, it must expand its tent and compete to get more voters inside its tent," not by offering better "gifts," but by offering "policies relevant to their dreams and lives."   (Yahoo, The Week’s Editorial Staff, 11/15/2012.)

How could Romney call national policies that affect the lives of all citizens “big gifts?”  How could he imagine these national policies as “bribes” to minority voters and young constituencies?   How could he be so full of hubris and arrogance to think thoughtful people of either major party would fall behind such thinking? 

So “the corporate boss we fear,” as James Lipton of the Actor’s Studio characterized  Mitt Romney,  the boss who wants to tell us how to do things, how high to jump;  who wants us to laugh at his jokes whether we think they’re funny or not, continues to show his true colors.  Like the 47% comment he made to big donors before the election.       

Governor Bobby Jindal of Lousiana called it “wrong” thinking.  Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, at the recent Republican Governor’s Convention, said “such comments set us back as a party....We have to reach out...”  Gov. Chris Christie, R of New Jersey,  noted that “you can’t be leader of all the people and be divisive.”   

The Republican governors, and Republican Mayors, too, are more in touch with the grassroots, with their constituencies, than Romney ever was.

Romney is shooting himself in the foot.  The Republican party is  now distancing itself from its candidate for president faster than a speeding bullet.  No matter how much some voters hate Obama, I don’t see how thoughtful Republicans, who want their party to survive, could still support such views.  We need to listen to saner voices than those coming from the Romney camp.  

As Gov. Martinez put it: “As a party we need to ask, not tell.  We need to stop making assumptions and ask, ‘What can we do better?’”   Asking, not telling.  Not making assumptions.  This is the exact opposite of the true character of Mitt Romney.  
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