Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not Even, the band: Talented Toledo Trinity

Last night I went with Elissa and her friends to Sodbuster’s Bar, a neighborhood pub right across the street, to hear her high school friend Mike McQuire’s band, called Not Even.  I had my doubts, since I haven’t been in a pub for a long time, the band started when I'm usually getting ready for bed, and I was feeling my age.  But Elissa was encouraging; it’s a short walk and there was a brilliant full moon in a clear night sky.  It turned out to be a fun late evening.    

Not Even bills itself as a party rock cover band from Toledo, Ohio 
(  It has three talented artists, a trinity, not an even number, but not odd either.  They are fantastic:  Mike on bass; John on guitar; Rob on drums and vocals.  They are talented and creative, serious and fun,  some of the best musicians I've heard live in a long time.  The band has a great diverse playlist, too, from classic rock to dance rock and country rock, from the Beatles and Rolling Stones to Journey, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Stevie Wonder.  I wasn’t familiar with all the songs, but all the music made you want to dance and sing along.  I was happy to meet Mike’s mom, Connie, and we both moved to the music--were moved by the music--even at our advanced ages. As the band says on its website: “Any age group, any crowd, will know and love our music.”  And we all did.   Music, the universal language. 

When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine I learned to go along, never to turn down an invitation, to try new things, push myself beyond my comfort zone.   It's how I integrated into my Russian-speaking village in far-eastern Ukraine; discovered fantastic talent; made connections; learned the needs of the community and how to get things done. 

It felt somewhat like that last night, close to home, not even in Ukraine. And you know what? It was terrific!  I've learned it’s always a positive, exhilarating feeling to push beyond your comfort zone, to push the boundaries.  Not Even, the band, made it completely enjoyable!     
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