Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey you victims out there, who are you voting for?

Hey all you victims out there, dependent on government handouts, you 47% of Americans, who are you voting for?  That's almost half of all Americans, according to Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney. 

Hey, it’s “not a president’s job to worry about these people.”  So you are unemployed, uninsured, underpaid, working and still struggling to make ends meet, a member of the shrinking middle class.  Stop whining.  Go home and help your stupid, lazy, shiftless selves.   
by armyfamily.wordpress.com

Hey little people, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Like those victims of floods after a hurricane hit Louisiana again:  "Go home and call 211."  Like my daughter who works as a graphic designer for a community newspaper, a job she loves.  She works more than 40 hours/week, makes less than $10/hour (more like $5 factoring in all her overtime), has no health insurance, has a second job.  Just like most working Americans.  Like my granddaughter, who works as a supervisor at a nursing home; she's on-call at all hours of the day and weekends, responds when needed, has a 5 year old son, pays $400 a month for pre-school and after-school babysitting. She does some modeling on the side, to earn extra money.  She abhors welfare.  And then there’s lazy, irresponsible me, living on Social Security income like millions of other senior women, seeing the cost of everything go up and any increases in our “handouts” (which we earned throughout our working lives) eaten up by increases in the cost of health care.  I’m not complaining.  We are blessed.   

But the belief that almost half of all Americans are irresponsible victims dependent on government handouts, held with conviction by someone who is running for president, is hard to swallow.  So are politicized comments about foreign policy after an American ambassador is murdered.  Four American citizens murdered abroad, for God's sake, and the first thing out of your mouth is a political statement! 

“This is a reprehensible act, and all Americans should come together in mourning and in solidarity at this difficult time.”  Did Mitt Romney say this? No. As a citizen, as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, as a senior, I’m offended at Romney’s remarks, at the lack of compassion.   

When a reporter asked Romney, after his “victims” remarks in Florida, if such statements represented his “core convictions,” he got mad and stormed out. Good lord.

I told myself I wasn’t going to blog about this political campaign; I held back. I have dear friends who are Republicans and support Romney and Ryan.  It’s okay.  It’s America.   

But Romney’s ongoing outrageous responses and “off the cuff” comments, thoughtless and hurtful, reveal a man who doesn’t care about most Americans, doesn’t care about cooperation and community, doesn’t understand our complex world and global relationships.  

Romney's core values are those of Bain’s current president, who tells us to thank our lucky stars for the wealthiest one-percent of Americans because they keep us going and they deserve whatever tax breaks and other welfare benefits they get from the government.That includes large corporations, banks, oil companies, too.   Government help for the rich is okay; the rest of us can...well we are just irresponsible people.  

How can you become president of all Americans when you've disdainfully dismissed half the nation, as one pundit put it.

Hey you victims out there, who are you going to vote for? 
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