Friday, September 28, 2012

Elissa's thoughtful art

I love my daughter Elissa’s art work.  She does assemblages on paper, creative collages.  She uses cutouts from every magazine imaginable: car magazines, sports and fashion magazines, travel magazines.  She saves them all.  She cuts out words, phrases, sayings, and then adds photos, memorabilia, artifacts, seashells, any things she finds. She’s a collector.  She reminds me of Ukrainian or Mexican artists who use everyday objects to create something new, whether it’s tiling houses with bottle caps, using aluminum can tops for making purses, using pieces of glass, stones, tiles picked up on the road or the beach or anywhere for decorating furniture, using found objects to decorate photo frames, mirrors, table tops, dishes.  Elissa’s artworks are beautiful, sometimes serious, often humorous and fun, and always thoughtful.      
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