Sunday, January 15, 2012

Struggling with Bridge

I'm still struggling with the game of Bridge.  I join my friends pretty faithfully, and they are quite patient with me.  But I'm not sure I have the devotion required to learn how to play sufficiently, let alone well.  The latter, of course, requires playing a lot of games over many years, like Irene, Phyllis, Carol and Char, I think in that order, too.

I enjoy the friendship, camaraderie, good lunches (at various restaurants and, in the photo at right, at Irene's home),  the satisfaction and angst that go with the game. Bridge bidding and playing are an art requiring skill, lots of cerebral activity (that's always good for the aging mind), thinking ahead. I like watching Irene and Phyllis communicating in bridge language and strategizing their plays. They are so intent, and so good. Keeps them young, their minds agile.

But I'm not there yet.  Not even close.  I might look for a Bridge group in San Miguel.  If I don't master the game, or feel more comfortable playing when I get back to Sylvania in March, well then maybe bridge is not my game.  Or I can say I tried it but want to try something else.  At that point, I'll have to make a commitment, one way or the other.  
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