Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's wishes for my Grandkids

Kyle, Philip and Josh in Peace Corps gifts!
Who knows what the future will hold for my seven grandchildren.  They range in ages from 23 years down to 5 months.  The world, ever-changing, holds both challenges and opportunities, the ying and yang of life.  They have lots of choices. 

I hope they chose wisely.  I hope their wishes come true.  I hope they stay safe and healthy. That the god/goddess who watches over children is always with them.  That angels like my brother Loren sit on their shoulders at all times and protect them, encourage them, give them confidence.  That they stay positive about life, choose a good path to their future, take life’s inevitable ups and downs with strength, even humor, and remain resilient.  

I hope they remember that the content of their character and strong values are more important than material things, that their inner spirit is more important than their outer looks, that following their inner light is  more important than following other people's. 

I hope they remember they live in a global village, that some people are less fortunate than they are, that in gratitude and with hopefulness they can contribute to making the world and their environment a better place. 

These are some of my new year’s wishes for my grandchildren. I pray that they grow in wisdom, follow their dreams, be true to themselves.   And who knows, but some of them might even become Peace Corps Volunteers one day! 
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