Friday, August 19, 2011

From the Womb, Into the World!

Josh and me with 4-day-old Chase, my 6th grandchild, Josh's 3rd sibling!

August 16, 2011, Tuesday. The yellow daisies and red impatiens seem brighter than usual under sunny blue skies. It’s 82 F, not too hot. The air smells sweet and fresh. The trees are peaceful, few signs of changing seasons or troubled breezes. I listen to Enya while my grandkids, Josh (14 years) and Kyle (9 years), play with the treasure box I've always kept under my bed since Julia, my first grandchild, was born, 23 years ago. I refill it all the time. Josh's and Kyle’s sister Alli (16 years old) is at volleyball practice. All Michelle’s kids are accounted for as we await word from the hospital. This is the day Chase is to be born.

August 16. Michelle’s C-section is scheduled for 1:00. p.m. We wait, and wait, our cel phones

at the ready. The call finally comes at about 3:00. Chase was born at 1:35 pm! Mom and baby doing okay. A new life made the journey from the womb to the world. The heavens sing, the family celebrates. Oh happy day!

Chase weighs 5 lbs, 14 oz, is 19” long; his feet are beautiful, 5 perfect toes, and his 5 perfect fingers are long and slender. He's a little early and needs a little help breathing so he’s in the neonatal intensive care unit for some oxygen.

August 16. A red banner day for us, but an uneventful news day, or rather just more of the same: the economy continues to slide, stocks way down; politicians cast blame here and there; the scaffolding accident at the Indiana State Fair brings more sorrow; it’s “Elvis Week” in Tennessee; turmoil threatens again in the Middle East. What will the news be in 10 years? in 20 years? What will Chase's world be like?

August 17, Day 2. Chase is pink and calm. Breathing much better. He has his first feeding, an ounce of milk Michelle manages to pump out. He opens his eyes for the first time, and we squeal with pleasure. A lovely cry brings tears of joy. Healthy heart and lungs.

August 18 and 19, Days 3 and 4. Better every day. Off all his tubes, out of incubator, in a regular crib, eating like a trooper. Maybe Michelle will go home on Saturday; not sure about baby yet. Home to Michelle’s new house, which she’ll be able to enjoy for the first time!

August 19, Friday, Day 4. I hold Chase for the first time. So does Josh. He remembers holding his brother Kyle. What a pro! Everyone’s looking forward to being home, and getting into some schedule.

Life keeps on going!

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