Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alli's Team

I’ve discovered another joy in being here with family in Sylvania: my granddaughter Alli’s volley ball games! Northview HS just beat Perrysburg in a fun and exciting game. Excellent teamwork, most of all. Alli was great, but the team was fantastic. That made all the difference: how well they played together, implemented plays they had rehearsed all summer; cheered each other on; remained positive with every play. I can’t think of a more important life lesson than this: learning early in life how to play your part in a greater effort, how to give and take, how to shine and help others shine. The moms gathered around Michelle to ask about the baby, about how things were going. Mostly they were there to cheer their girls on. How great it is to be part of a community of shared goals, experiences, and dreams. Alli made a special show of pointing me out, her Nana, to her teammates. I was so proud! Most of all, I was happy for Alli, that she was part of a great team, having the experience of a lifetime, and learning a lesson that will always be with her and bodes well for her future. Go Alli!

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