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A Battle of Historic Proportions, Never Seen Before in American History: A U.S. President vs. the U.S. Government

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What does it mean when a president of the U.S. has facts and evidence from all our Intelligence agencies about Russia interferring in the 2016 election--early, specific and detailed evidence--and ignores it, disputes, and denies it?

It means he doesn't care about America's national security interests or doing anything about Russia's ongoing cyber warfare. He thinks of the attacks on our democracy as a PR problem, as the Washington Post put it, not an urgent issue that requires immediate attention to protect the American people and the sanctity of our elections.

I am an historian. I study and have taught American history. Essentially, fundamentally, this is a conflict we have never, ever seen before in the whole of our history from the beginning to the present. It is an unprecedented battle of historic proportions between a President of the United States vs. the U.S. government.

What kind of battle is this? What kind of president opposes the government he leads? What kind of president believes America's intel agencies are lying to him? What kind of Congress does nothing about it?

This president, after being thoroughly and regularly briefed, knowing the facts, stands there in Helsinki, next to Putin, and denies the truth. Believes Putin over the intelligence he has received from his own government. Trump vs. the U.S. government in plain view. Never, ever before seen in our history.

Imagine the reactions of our national security, military, and intelligence officials.  What could they be thinking? They are in the dark about that private conversation with Putin. Still are. But then, how can they believe whatever the President might tell them? Our Liar in Chief?  The U.S. government, unbelievable as it seems, doesn't know what the U.S. President did.

The cognitive dissonence is overwhelming. We have a U.S. president in opposition to the U.S. government.

We saw it again last week. A few hours after the leaders of US intel agencies gathered in the White House to warn the American people about the ongoing Russian meddling in our upcoming elections, tRump denied it.  He called it a "hoax" at his Nazi-styled rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  He told the hysterical crowd he "had a great meeting with Putin" and launched into a tryannical tirade about "fake news." 

Think about it. Dan Coats, director of national intelligence, had just warned the American people about "a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide the United States....It is real. It is continuing." 

And then, incredibly, the president of the US turns around and blatantly ignores it, denies it. He did it with glee. He intentionally, purposefully, dismissed everything that was said in all honesty and good faith to the American people. Trump vs. the US government.

It's the same way he treated that meeting at the White House with the earnest New York Times editors, who begged him to stop calling the media "the enemy of the people."  He relished going out in public and totally rewriting the story. He spit in their faces.  He lied about the discussion.  He relished the hysteria of the raucus crowd, cheered on the attacks on the media in general and CNN's Jim Acosta in particular. He relished ranting and raging against "fake news" and the "witch hunt" Mueller investigation.

Obstruction of justice in plain view. Treason in plain view.  It's okay to lie deliberately, daily to the American people.  We've lived with it for almost two years.  It's still shocking beyond measure.

Surely everyone in what is left of the damaged US government can see the lies, the abuse of power, the inciting to violence, the deliberate dividing of America, goals shared with Putin. This includes the Vice President channeling God, the rogue alt-right Cabinet destroying their agencies and doing all they can to give more money to billionaires, the leading members of Congress in both the House and Senate. They have all been briefed. They have seen and heard the facts.  How, then, can they pretend otherwise? How can they do nothing? Say nothing? Hide the truth they have? Continue to obstruct, deny and cover up?

Mueller must be asking the same questions. I believe the answers will bring the Trump Titanic down. It will be a massive explosion of treason, criminality, and obstruction the likes of which we have never seen. It's a matter of time.

In the meantime, it's up to "We the People" to rise up to defend our government and our democracy.  In the biggest national political battle Americans have ever faced--a President vs. the US government--for whom will Americans vote? Will  the people make their voices heard, in every State,  in November?  Will they vote for the continuation of a democratic US government against a President who opposes it, even hates it? There's never been a more important mid-term election in all of American  history.  It's a Battle of the Ages? Who will win?

Interesting articles:

Washington Post, Sunday August 5, 2018, "Trump in a Precarious time in his Presidency":
"The frequency of the president’s mistruths has picked up, as well. The Washington Post Fact Checker found last week that Trump has now made 4,229 false or misleading claims so far in his presidency — an average of nearly 7.6 such claims per day, and an increase of 978 in just two months." 

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