Monday, May 22, 2017

Rotten to the Core: The Republicans are on the Trump Titanic they Created

"...The Republicans know exactly what they are doing: They are taking [actions] that risks the destruction of the American republic to advance their personal interests."  Josh Barro, Business Insider, May 3, 2017
It all started with the Transition Team of Pence/Bannon/Rebekah Mercer and the self-interest billionaires.  It all started when the Senate Republicans rubber stamped nominees who were against the mission and programs of the agencies they were to head.  Didn't matter.  That's why of all the various charges thrown at the Republicans in  Congress, Josh Barro's resonates the most. 

Even knowing how unfit and dangerous Trump is, how unfit and dangerous the cabinet they rubber stamped, even having damaging intel on them and knowing the billionaires had extreme conflicts of interest, Republicans voted to confirm them. They acted as if everything was within normal range.  They created the Trump Titanic.

It wasn't "normal" then and it's not normal now. It is not normal to fire the head of the FBI who is investigating you.  It is not normal to share classified intel with the Russians. It is not normal to fill the White House with relatives. It's not normal to obstruct efforts to appoint a Special Prosecutor in the face of such ongoing outrageous behavior. 

The Republicans are deluded.  They have been so wedded to their own personal issues agendas, salivating to ram them down our throats and undo Obama's legacy, that they have acted like tyrants to obstruct truth and justice. 

McConnell and Ryan are at the top of the rotten heap.  Graham and McCain unfortunately are up there, too, now   aware that they are standing on the grounds of impeachment.  The Republicans have been following their treasonous lead like sheep to the slaughter. They have not listened, heard or cared. Their constituents are angry. The town hall meetings, the dedicated resistance in every state, the marches and protests confirm this. 

So slowly but surely, one by one, Republicans who have done so much to destroy the GOP in their allegiance to non-Republican Trump,  and to destroy our democratic government, have to step up and call a spade a spade. They don't want to do this; they are forced to do this.  These Republican votes were acts of tyranny and treason.  The Republicans created the Trump Titanic and they will go down with it.     

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