Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Putin's 12-Step Program for Taking Over Another Country

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Vladimir Putin has created a 12-step program for modern conquerors, a step-by-step guide to invading, occupying and annexing another country or parts of it and to destabilizing democracies around the world.   

This "Twelve Steps to Conquer" is a good starting point for any supermen out there who would like to flex their muscles, stop being pansies, and learn to love war.  

The main purpose is to get people to admit they are powerless over invasion, that their lives have become unmanageable, and that they should turn their will and their country over to the conqueror.  It's also a good strategy for creating so much doubt and confusion, that people won't know whether they are coming or going.

The 12-steps:  
1) Take advantage of any signs of the yearning for self-determination. An example is the protests that took place in Kyiv's Maiden after the Yanukovich regime passed laws denying citizens' rights to organize and protest. This is your opportunity to exploit unrest and make it worse. Have your eyes on the prize. Step right in. Go for it. 

2) Send in provocateurs. These can be mercenaries, Cossacks, motorcycle gangs like the Night Wolves, special forces, anyone who would welcome a fight, a shot of vodka, or a few rubles to go out and create disturbances in the street, pick fights, start violent confrontations, and the like. Sudden explosions of buildings, here and there, is good. Play cyber games. Hack, hack, hack. Put out fake news as fast as you can. Keep 'em guessing. Give folks lots of your country's flags and slogans (good to wave in front of cameras). 
3) Stifle the media, by intimidation, blocking TV outlets, shutting off contacts. Silence a few journalists. Start in your own country; slowly escalate and expand. Use the internet and social media to ramp up fake news. The more lies, the more confusion, the better. 

4) Keep talking about traitors and Nazis taking over and destabilizing elected governments. It doesn't matter if these accusations are true or not. Just make them. If presidents and officials must flee their countries for their own safety, welcome them in yours. Make sure they bring their billions with them. 
A mural in Simferopol, a fine example of good PR. 

5) This is a good time to ramp up the Newspeak: Neo-fascists force out good leaders; war is peace; invasion is safety; occupation is freedom. Keep at it. 

6) Send in the troops. Don't be too obvious at first. Initial contingents should have no insignias, no overt IDs. They are simply ordinary people with dark glasses, assault weapons, and preferably dark green uniforms. This will fool the media. They will report that "There are people here with weapons but we don't know who they are." Take it from me, this works. 

7) Keep sending in more troops, until you get up to about 30,000. In addition, welcome malcontents or gangs who like guns to patrol roads. They are undisciplined and unpredictable, which is a good scare tactic. Under this cloud of confusion, aided by the media, position your troops to block roads and access routes, cut off communications, and take over government buildings. Cruise neighborhoods where known opponents live. Don't shoot.  Not at first. Intimidate. Your aim is a peaceful orchestrated change. The media will note that the place is being taken over without a shot. By then it is too late. You're in. This happened in Crimea with great success.

8) Take strong advantage of the people who are for you. They may be a minority, but you can make them look like a majority. Again, the example is Crimea, where it was easy to whip up pro-Russian sentiment. Really wind them up. Encourage public demonstrations. Have those flags and slogans ready. It will look like a Beatles concert. 

9) Now is the time to take over the local government. Install a new president and parliament.  By this time, local officials see the writing on the wall, realize the support the invaders have in their own country, and do your bidding. Here's where you script their invitation to invade their country.  

10) Now you are on a roll. The people are inviting you to come in and take over. How can you turn away? You have established a need and justification for the fait accompli, the occupation.  All this can take place in a matter of weeks, not months.
This is what a good vote looks like. 

 11) Okay. Good work.  Now you have these local puppets stage a referendum for annexation. That's right. You stage a vote. Your own Parliament approves this action, and helps design the ballot. The only option is "yes to annex." You can add another "yes" column to give the illusion of a democratic vote. Meanwhile, ensure that only supporters vote. Intimidate opposition. Mark their houses. Remind them of "the power of the state" to retaliate and deport. In Crimea this worked well against the Tatars, as well as ethnic Ukrainians. Scare the hell out of them, and the press. This won't be hard if you've done a good job with the first 10 steps. 

12) You have engineered a 100% vote for annexation. Congratulations. The people have voted, and they "welcome you with flowers." The press will report that 100% of all the people voted for annexation, when in fact it was 100% of those who voted out of the fear and confusion you created(remember, you can always tweak the facts). Ignore threats from America and other countries, by the way, because their outrage is no match for your brilliant execution of these 12 steps. 

Now you are set to take over more territory, even a whole country, city by city by city. You can strengthen this goal by ensuring your Parliament passes a law that "authorizes" your country "to annex territories of countries where central authority has collapsed and the local population expresses a desire to secede." The fact that you have orchestrated this outcome is what makes this 12-step program so successful. 

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