Monday, March 17, 2014

Crimea Vote Reflects Orchestrated Takeover

My friend Suz said it best: What I don't get is why the media headlines are screamng "Crimeans Vote to Join Russia," when the rest of the articles go on to say that it's all fake and illegal.  So why bury the true story? Why don't the headlines say words to the effect: Crimea Vote is Fake, Vote to Annex to Russia Orchestrated Takeover, Crimea Vote Illegal.    

Jud's sunflower weeping. . 
Right.  What a farce.  This vote does not reflect the will of the people. It reflects the will of Putin.

The media once again gives a wrong impression.  They might get to the truth eventually, but why hide it in paragraph 3 or 4, or at the bottom of the story? Why bury the main story?  Most people read only the headlines, and then form strong opinions. Someone messaged me to more or less shut up: The people have voted. Get over it.

A "vote" at the barrel of a gun. 30,000 Russian troops, militia, and thugs.  A  fake "referendum" with only yes and yes options, followed by a well-organized propaganda celebration, at which the Russians excel.

What happens next? What will happen to the people of Crimea? To the Crimean Tatars. To the ethnic Ukrainians and others who oppose Russian occupation and annexation, but whose voices were silenced?

Putin has his eyes on Ukraine, and he is executing his successful plan in other places:  Take over Ukraine city by city by city, starting in the east and south.  And oh yeah, be sure the Russian Parliament passes a law saying it's necessary to  occupy and annex territories where local governments are in disarray and the people want to join Russia.  That's supposed to happen on 21 March.

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