Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Harry Binswanger Shrugged

Okay, all you slackers out there.  All you lazy SOBs who work hard for a living, or make minimum wage, don't have health insurance, and drive a beat-up old car to show for it.

Get down on your knees and thank your lucky stars that we have the 1% in our country who earn all the money, pay proportionately less of their income for taxes, and got us where we are today.   

Bow down and praise "the people who lifted us out of the cave and gave us our standard of living." Yes, we're talking about those talented creators who make an average of $27 million per household (unlike the pitiful $31,244 average income for the bottom 90% of us).

In gratitude, we should recognize that these 1 percenters have given so much to America that  they shouldn't pay any taxes.  That's right.  None at all.  Why should they, when they have created so much wealth? 

We owe them "a debt of gratitude."  No, not debts, a "debt of gratitude." 

So shrugs Harry Binswanger, a writer for Forbes magazine, and dear friend of the beleaguered 1%. He is also I learned an Ayn Rand fanatic, and still serves on the Rand Center board.   He just wants to set the record straight and put the rest of us in our places, which is just above the cave men on the scale of human endeavor.

What about the military, national security, police, fire and other public services. Shouldn't the wealthy pay for those, like the rest of us losers.  

Well, if they want to.

If they want to? Yes on a "voluntary"  basis.


Yeah, but they "are not obliged to pay or to give back." 

Those Goldman Sach's billionaires "have done more for humanity than Mother Theresa."  More than Mother Theresa?  Sure. They are the ones who deserve medals, like the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The Congressional Medal of Honor?  Yes, it should go to the billionaire who makes the most money in a year.

Come on, you weary workers of the world.  You know, as Romney said, at least 47% of us will never change.  We just live for handouts.  True, Binswanger shrugs again, kind of holding the world on his shoulders.  The average worker, the 99%, "should give back to the wealth creators." 

So how about it? So what if all the facts and charts say Binswanger is wrong about the economy the way it is.  You can surely forego a  month's rent, an  electric bill, forget the babysitter, maybe pick up an extra job in addition to the low-paying job you now have (your choice), and tithe to the almighty super rich.  Stop sucking up the goodies created by the rich, for heaven sake, and live free or die.

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Why was I not surprised to discover that Harry Binswanger was a friend of Ayn Rand and still serves on the Ayn Rand Center board of directors. (, for that view of the world and Binswanger's view of the world).  
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