Monday, August 5, 2013

Art in the Garden: A Slice of LOCAL Artisan Heaven

Ceramics, jewelry (a tree of life necklace),  batik, glass art and more at Art in the Garden, August 4, 2013. 
Last week it was Jazz in the Garden, this weekend, Art in the Garden.  The Toledo Botanical Garden (still Crosby Gardens to some old-timers) is alive with art, music, and cultural and environmental events. The gardens are beautiful now, many adorned with glass art that looks perfect in a natural environment.

Bright blue glass flowers in garden\
next to Blair Lithophane Museum.
"Ah, this is like the Chihuly I saw in St. Pete," I said to my daughter Elissa.  "It predates Chihuly," I heard a voice say from behind a large glass flower. Aha, the voice of a glass artist, reminding me that the art glass movement began in Toledo, many years ago, with the likes of Dominic Labino.  "Thanks for the reminder, friend!"

A glass sunflower shines on a garden. 
Art in the Garden provided a perfect way to get in touch with a part of Toledo's vibrant art scene, and it was a beautiful sunny day under a clear blue sky. This art show isn't as huge as the early summer Festival of the Arts, but it's as special, featuring art by local artists and artisans who are affiliated with the Botanical Garden, the Toledo Area Glass Guild, and the Art Club of Toledo Gallery.  A range of ceramic art, painting and glass joined with the arts and crafts of making textile, creating batik, and making jewelry. "A slice of LOCAL artisan heaven," batik artist Jennifer Blakeman called it. Music followed us around, a wonderful couple singing songs like "Blueberry Hill" and later a jazz saxophonist.   My daughter Elissa and I met friends and chatted with visitors, some women in red hats, some admiring the same art we were.

 A sign outside the Gift Shop says "Enriching Life."   That's what Art in the Garden and other programs at the Botanical Garden are truly all about.
Purple-pink glass flowers in another garden. 
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