Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 things to think about

5 weird questions for cyper-age communications. (This image
has nothing to do with the content of this blog). 
What is it with all the articles, ads and media talk lately that always begin with a number? 10 best cities to live in, work in, raise kids in. 10 worst cities to live in,work in, etc. 8 ways to lose pounds.  12 photos about war. 5 best jobs.  5 worst jobs.  5 worst college majors.  5 money-making jobs with no education. 200 best colleges. 200 worst colleges. Top 20 sober colleges. 5 products you can't live without. 10 cars thieves love. 5 key job interview questions. 5 weird tricks for losing wrinkles. 5 weird tricks for melting away fat.

The number-titled articles and ads usually have photos attached that are totally unrelated to their content. Sometimes the photos resemble Shangra-La or dreamy places that draw you in.  Sometimes you get an image of a banana or hard-boiled egg to lure you into 5 ways to shed belly fat. An overly buxom woman will try to draw you into 5 things that up your testosterone (okay that might be related).

I guess it's the modern equivalent of communications. Like my grandson Josh who responds to  "How are you doing?" with "k.i had to be rescued by a lifeguard. mom w diner"

So here are 5 questions to ask about this current way of communicating:
1) Is shorter better and fewer easier in this age of internet communication and social media?
2) Do reporters, advertisers and media gurus have to organize their messages in such a way that dumbed- down audiences will read them?
3) Are 5 bullets with one sentence summaries better than a written paragraph?
4) Are kids simply not learning rules of grammar and spelling? Is it even necessary to learn them?
5) Has texting, and texting style and words, replaced sentences?  lol btw how r u im k more tmrw

I think I'd begin with 5, then go up to 1. But for the larger context, I wonder what will happen to narrative and telling stories in the Cyper-texting age.   I wonder about learning to read and write and think critically. I wonder if I'm getting to old to ask these 5 questions, and too old-fashioned to raise the subject, or expect any answers.

"5 ways to know you are growing older."  Coming up next! 
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