Friday, May 24, 2013

From large canvases to small ones: My Gardens

Pots on back steps (top left); front garden, porch, pots on front steps; those hearty purple pansies made it through the winter; back garden, back porch (lower half). 

Last week it was art and history; this week it’s my garden.  From funereal statuary and monuments, to archival collections, to Spanish-style architecture and art, to my little gardens. From large canvases to smaller ones.  

I’ve been weeding, digging and planting for weeks.  Most flowers are now in pots or in the ground, mostly perennials--lilies, daisies and hosta, some wild red grasses and pastel Columbine--with some annuals for color.  I start with large pansies in early spring and keep them going as long as possible. Some make it through the summer.  My cheerful purple pansies in the front garden even made it through winter.  I’ve added petunias, geraniums, marigolds, and a few other flowering plants in shades of red, patches of white (which I love in any garden), and also ivy, vines and plants that spill over hanging baskets.  I add whatever large stones I can find around the yard, pieces of pottery, tile and glass, angels and garden art.  Loren's spirit is here too.

Now I am weeding, care-taking, and watering, carefully.  Rain is forecast, and we need it.  There are a few bare spots that need some tall perennials, along the house especially.  Another reason to do one of my favorite things, shopping for plants!  My neighbor Judi and I decided not to grow vegetables this year, so I’ve planted about 1/3rd of that garden plot in back of the house. I might throw wild flower seeds in the rest, see what happens. Maybe they'll bloom next year.  

For now I'm awaiting this year's daisies, day lilies and roses, a variety of them, which are budding and abundant. They'll surprise and delight! Touches of beauty wherever I can sow them. My own little canvases. 
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