Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kyle's Science Fair

Kyle with his All You Want to Know about Heinz exhibit board,
 his teacher Mrs. Bihn, and other students at Stranahan Elementary
School in Sylvania, Ohio.  
Who invented Heinz ketchup, when and where?  Was there a real Mr. and Mrs. Heinz? When did the Superbowl begin? The NFL, soccer, baseball, ice hockey? Where did candy kisses, Hershey bars, jolly ranchers, and coke come from?  What about American Dolls?  Ball point pens? Television? Video games?  Ipods?  The history of Life Flight?

The students at Stranahan Elementary School in Sylvania, Ohio,  explored these topics and more for their annual Science Fair. They displayed the results of their research on wonderful exhibit boards showing the histories of these diverse American businesses, products, sports, and professions: when, where, how and why. .

The exhibits were proudly displayed  at the school last week, with parents, teachers and students milling about, going from table to table, admiring the students' work. The exhibits were clever, informative, creative.  Many had props along with them, candies, drinks, coupons, souvenirs, and even miniature dioramas..  .

My 10-year-old grandson Kyle, in the 5th grade, was the Heinz expert. He searched the internet for information and photos, getting better and better in using the computer for research and learning (he was instructed to cite his web references carefully, and he did). .  He told the story of the Heinz corporation, an iconic brand, which was recently bought by the famed billionaire Warren Buffet.  To augment his exhibit, Kyle handed out packets of Heinz ketchup and coupons for smoothies and french fries (very popular), kindly donated by Wendy's.  His teacher, Mrs. Bihn, was encouraging and enthusiastic.  Kudos to a great teacher!

The public schools in Sylvania are fantastic, committed to kids at all levels.  They are well-supported by a community that values education.  My grandkids are among the lucky beneficiaries of a school system that really cares about kids and motivates them to learn, stretch, and grow. The Science Fair is an example.  It also shows that learning can be fun.

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