Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forget about it!

Well I didn’t get much sympathy for my patience blog.  In fact I was scolded, sort of, for even trying to help my grandkids with science-related, or any, homework.  

“Why the heck were you helping the kids with their homework, anyway?”

“At our ages, dear, it doesn’t take long to get in over our heads.”

“Эtо не рабоtа бабушка, чtобы помочь с домашним заданием.” (It’s not a grandmother’s job to help with homework).

”For pity’s sake, forget about patience and doing assignments with the boys when it’s past your bedtime!”

“Why were you up so late doing homework?”

"Мы хотим, чtобы вы обраtно в Украину. Мы скучаем по tебе. Мы обещаем, мы будем больше понимания!  (We want you back in Ukraine.  We miss you.  We promise we will be more understanding.)

“Lord, sis, Are you kidding me? Helping with biology? patience? Forget about it!”

“If you don’t have ADHD now, you’ll catch it soon.”

"Thanks, Mom.  I don't know what I'd do without you."

“Why were you on such a long train ride with a broken arm? Geez, you haven’t learned how to ask for help yet?”

“Patience is overrated.”

And from cousin Kathy, who is a retired teacher, school principal, and professional educator par excellence:

“LAW OF PATIENCE:  There is an inverse relationship between a person's capacity for patience and their degree of genetic relatedness with the object of said patience....
LAW OF STUDENT REPORT-WRITING:  It sometimes takes a bad grade and a lecture from a professional educator to convince students that THEY are responsible for their work...”
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