Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ad for a concert in NYC to benefit storm Sandy victims. This will be fun!
WIsh I were in New York. this 12-12-12.

Magic numbers?  The end of the Mayan calander?  The end of the world?  Or just another Wednesday? An ordinary day?  That’s what it is for me.  It means a doctor’s appointment, a few hours with Chase, taking Josh to driving class, doing some writing and reading, and a holiday dinner with friends. I want to buy some small gifts for them. Good chance to walk around the neighborhood on a sunny but chilly day and “buy local.” I’ll go to Harmony in Life next door, too.   If there’s a deeper meaning than this, it eludes me.  For New Yorkers it's a chance to see a great 12-12-12 concert to benefit storm Sandy victims, with some of our favorites like Bruce Springsteen. Wish I could see that, but for now 12-12-12 is  another chance to take a stroll down memory lane!

“Oh, oh, mom!”  That’s my girls, Elissa and Michelle. “You seem to be doing that a lot lately. How can you remember all those details of the past, but you can’t remember where you put your car keys, or your cell phone?”

“Hmm....think it’s an aging thing.  It’s what numbers mean to me nowadays, and they keep adding up, believe me!”  So thinking about numbers:
8/8/88   In Washington, DC, in a new job, in a great city, living in Dupont Circle.
9/9/99   In Florida, the best thing being nearer to my Mom, brother and sister in Tallahassee. We celebrated the dawn of the 21st century together, 01/01/2000.  She died three years later, on 3/30/2003, another special combination.
10/10/10   In Ukraine, probably meeting with English Club at Starobelsk library.
11/11/11   In Sylvania, with kids and grandkids.  Come full circle.
12/12/12   In Sylvania, surrounded by family, looking forward to another                                  Christmas together and a trip to Mexico with grandson Joshua. 

Red letter days. No end in sight!

There won’t be a 13/13/13, either. Too bad! I’ve always liked that number, being that my birthday is on 3/13.  And I lived in apartments numbered 313 and 1013 in the historic Cairo condo when I lived in DC.  Lots of  thirteens have fallen on Fridays, too, with no adverse effects. In fact, lots of good times. 

So today I’m grateful that we can celebrate the magic numbers 12/12/12.  I hope  it means good luck, good health,  joy for the holidays, and peace on earth at some time in the not too distant future.  
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