Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sisters and family making Memories

The Curro-Cary Sylvania Family

It’s so nice to have a visit from my sister Andy.  She left Tallahassee, Florida, early morning October 25 and arrived in Detroit by 11:30 am.  She's an early bird.  Elissa and I picked her up at DTW and drove back to Toledo/Sylvania, talking all the way.  There's still some fall color on the trees and bushes, and also in the fields---grasses, corn stalks and reeds swaying in the breeze, golden and yellow, especially lovely.  

We weave them into our conversation and take up from where we left off the last time we saw each other.  That was on her birthday in June.  We pick up the threads of emails, skype calls, phone calls, facebook postings.  We get to my place, admire the beauty of  Main Street Sylvania, walk around my gardens--the flowers ultra bright and cheerful--enjoy the blue-sky, summer-like day, then loll around until dinner at Michelle’s.  A lazy afternoon with sis, adding to a quilt of memories.

Michelle was ready for us with a huge pot of chili and corn muffins. I added pork roast and salad. We are quite a crew.  We had a hearty meal spiced with hearty conversation. The family piano, the wedding gift my dad gave to my mom, graced our dinner, took it all in, absorbed the music of our joy and energy.  If only that piano could talk, what stories it could tell! 

The photo collage above shows the Curro-Cary Sylvania family gathered together. Besides my sister and me (in the corners, with the piano in the background), there's my daughter Elissa and her daughter Julia with son Philip (top center) and boyfriend JJ (red hair).  There's my daughter Michelle and her kids: Alli, Josh, Kyle and baby Chase, with Alli's boyfriend Kody in the upper right corner photo, and family friend Rory. The kids love getting together, and ran off lots of steam, inside and outdoors.  The boys played "catch me if you can!" Cousins having fun.   

The end of October is a bittersweet time for Andy and me, the time of year we think of our mom and our dad, who died on October 30 (35 years ago today but it seems like yesterday).  We remember our dear brother Loren, who died in May two years ago, and who would have been 65 on November 12, his birthday coming up.  We remember other family members  whose autumns came upon them. 

But the sweet time dominates.  Gathering the clan is always fun, and having Aunt Andy with us is always a pleasure.  She's funny, tells outrageous stories, and makes us laugh. We talk and walk, shop and cook, coordinate busy schedules, make visits to museums and parks if we can.  Andy and I rant and ruminate about politics, reminisce and philosophize as only sisters can do.

We share a past, Andy and I, and we keep it alive.  We bring it into the present. We weave stories and dreams into the memory quilt that we will bequeath to our children and their children, across the generations.  Sisters and family, making memories.

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