Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Is there anything cuter than a one-year-old tiger?  That's Chase, at 15 months, the most adorable tiger ever, posed by his mom in a few different costumes!  He doesn't like it, but he's such a good sport! 

A village of extended family is raising Chase.  Some say a coven of witches.  It doesn't matter because we are all devoted! And he  knows it!  He is bringing joy to all of us. 

Below he's in halloween pjs, in one of his mom's favorite hats,  playing with a plastic pumpkin that Aunt Andy gifted  him (she's peeking over his shoulder in lower left photo).  

When I was in Ukraine, we had halloween fun with the English Club at the Starobelsk Public Library.  We made masks and I brought tricks and treats. Last year, living in Sylvania near both daughters, I went tricks or treating with all the kids.  This year I'm helping Michelle hand out candy. 

Philip is GI Joe, Josh another scary monster, not sure about Kyle.  They'll have fun wherever they go tricks or treating, and I'll get to play with my favorite tiger. Happy Halloween one and all, near and far!    

In Starobelsk, 2010

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