Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heat vs. Thunder

The Heat and the Thunder.  Forces of nature?  Kind of.
They are the NBA final championship basketball teams, ready to rock and roll, starting tonight

The  eastern conference series between the historic Boston Celtics and the young Miami Heat erupted like a volcano, rocked the heavens and earth. Fantastic basketball. LeBron James was hot, hot, hot. The western series between the San Antonio Spurs and the new Oklahoma City Thunder whipped up the clouds, like a rolling storm that lit up the night sky. Loren was lovin' it!  He probably saw all of the games, while I went in and out.

I don’t think there’s ever been this kind of nature symbolism associated with an NBA final World Championship game.  Weather extremes.  Game extremes. Location extremes. Miami and Oklahoma City.  One in a hurricane path, the other in Tornado alley.  Swealtering heat waves.  Global warming.  Rolling thunder that could carry you to the land of Oz.  

Which is more powerful?  Who will win this battle?  Will it be Heat, or will it be Thunder?

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