Friday, June 29, 2012

Creative Dragonfly

CREATIVE DRAGONFLY                      by fran curro cary 28 June 2012
Another Wednesday evening of poetry and music at Dragonfly Tea Room united about a dozen souls seeking solace and food for thought in sharing.  I took a few photos, drank green tea, shared and listened.  It's the spirit of the place that unites.
I love the aesthetics of the tea room, too, lovingly decorated by creator, chef, and free spirit Jennifer Blakeman.  The art on the walls, the stained glass and crystals sparkling in the windows, the architecture of the old house, the garlands of ivy and flowers around door and window frames, the light streaming in the room at sunset:  they create a lovely mosaic, a still life like a Van Gogh painting.

This night Arnold read a poem for July 4th, "God Bless America," dreaming of the  promise of our country beyond its wars, poverty,  hypocrisies. Cherish, whose husband Noah teaches English at Lourdes, read  "For My Father," and a short story, humorous and insightful, about her mom.  Craig Combs read old and new poems: "At Peace, like Fire and Ice," "Once Upon a Time," poems about love, uncertainty, betrayal, illusion.  "I find solace in the unknown," he read, a thought that resonated with my wandering mind and my Peace Corps experience.  Jackie read a "flarf" poem, which I can't quite explain, and found the courage to sing in public. Sweet. I liked the line "Looking for something that I can believe in...."  Jessica, whose own poetry I like, read from "The Barbie Poems" by Lyn Lifshin,  clever messages about what's real, what's not.  George played guitar to accompany the lovely voice of  Rachel Warns, who sang a lilting  celtic love song.

I'm not a poet, but I dare to read some of my writing and talk about Peace Corps. Last night I read my blog about Euro 2012, showing the world the beauty of  Ukraine, and a piece on the death of Fareinheit 451 author Ray Bradbury: will books become obsolete in the digital age? The small group responded with interest and was kind to an un-poet in their midst.
The spirit of Dragonfly encourages creativity and community.  Peace dwells in the thoughtful heart, and the music and poetry at Dragonfly bring it home.  
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