Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Snowfall

Photo: Had to wipe off my car before I went to the gym this morning.

We had our first snowfall last night.  I awoke to sun glistening on snow.  

Sylvania rooftops and trees were dressed in a light dusting of white.  A very pretty sight.  

I remember feeling like this during the first snow in Ukraine.  Coming from Florida, it was a thrill to see snow falling on cedar.  It made me realize I missed the four seasons.   I think it inspired my move from the Tampa Bay area to Ohio

So I checked the weather in Ukraine. Temperatures there are about the same, weather about the same, but so far no snow.    

When I lived in Starobelsk, in far-eastern Ukraine, our cold fronts came from Russia and Belarus.   Now they come from Canada.   

No matter how the wind blows,  I’m relishing the advent of winter amid the holiday season.  Will I feel this way in March?

Ukraine's climate
The climate of most of Ukraine is temperate continental with adequate amounts of precipitation to support grasslands with increasing amounts of woodlands towards the northwest border of the country. It is not bitterly cold like Siberia, but can best be compared to the U.S. state of Iowa. Exceptions are the damp Carpathian Mountains of southwest Ukraine (similar to the northern Appalachians), the rocky coast and mountains of Crimea, (similar to sunny mountainous regions along the Mediterranean coast, but colder in winter), and the moist Shatsk Lake region in northwest Ukraine (similar to lake regions in the Midwest). During your travels around Ukraine, be prepared for heat, thunderstorms, and brief downpours from June to August, frequent rains in October and November, snow December through March, and changeable weather all year round.

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