Saturday, November 19, 2011

ALERT: Will Supercommittee THUD

Matson's World, flikr photo. 
“I don’t  think I've ever seen Washington more out of touch with the mood of the country. America is talking about how to make the economy work for the 99%. But in Washington, Democrats on the supercommittee are offering "deals" that contain huge cuts to Medicare and Social Security while doing little to make millionaires pay their fair share.1 If we do nothing, these cuts could be agreed to next week."  Daniel Mintz

This is an ask letter from moveon, but it is also an ALERT.  The so-called "supercommittee" of 12 Republicans and 12 Democrats is about to make "compromises" that will hurt average Americans, the majority of Americans.  The leaks, the articles and media news have not been good for "the 99%." I think the "Occupy" movement, an urgently needed public education campaign (that's how i see it), has the right analysis, but who's listening?  Not Washington, as Mintz said.  Maybe a call to Committee members and members of Congress will at least make you feel like you are doing something.  So I made the calls.  Do I feel hopeful? Not really.

It's gets back to a matter of values and one's view about the role of government in leveling the economic playing field and restoring the American dream for the majority of Americans.  It's not about big government or little government.  The government is already way overloaded with privileges and welfare for the super rich, not the poor, not working Americans, not seniors, but for the mighty corporations and Wall Street financial institutions. The ones who got us into this mess.  The ones we bailed out.  The ones giving themselves huge bonuses, as if to flaunt their wealth and power in our faces.  I understand the outrage.

Optimism is fading. I feel like a Ukrainian. Pessimistic and powerless. It just seems hopeless.    

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