Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Sis

Andy in Paris: Cheers! With our brother Loren (wearing his favorite t-shirt from Costa Rica) in Athens, GA, on CoeCoe's deck, a stop on their road trip to Rochester, NY (lower right). A classic beach photo (upper right): that's Andy, in the middle, with my mom and friend Linda at St. Teresa's FL, toasting with Mom's Famous Margaritas on the beach (well in the water). Just like Andy!

My sister Andy is the middle child in our family. I was first, then Andy, then our little brother Loren. Andy was our family clown. She always made us laugh. She was a lot like our dad, really, a bright light when things got a bit gloomy. Soon after Loren was born, putting her in the middle at five years of age, she went door to door in our old neighborhood in Rochester trying to sell him for five cents. There were no takers, but a few potential buyers did tell our mom. Andy may have been reprimanded, I don’t remember, but that certainly didn’t stop her from her joyful, let’s put it that way, antics. She also inherited from our dad the ability to see the fun side of things, and to tell a good joke. If life got too heavy, Andy’s light side rose to the occasion.

Of course the family clown is often a lot more serious underneath, a lot more introverted and thoughtful than surface behavior might indicate. Same with Andy, I think. She's always retained her lovable comic side, and if there was some rough sledding she hung on to it for dear life. If it slipped, she was the first to know, and to make any necessary corrections. She was a family anchor, still is, there in Tallahassee for our mom in her failing years, and for my brother in his Florida years. You could always count on Andy. Always. Highly responsible, reliable, ethical, smart and caring.

That’s why Andy is my best friend. We can rant and argue, even be outrageous, and come out laughing. She sees my bad side and loves me still. She has that damned instinct that ferrets out any attempt to cover up feelings or behaviors. She’ll zero right in on them, and help you release unease or discomfort in the process. She’s a great mom to Kaaren and Ali and a loving grandmother to Leo and Ava Rose. She is a wonderful gardener (loves digging, weeding, raking, planting, tending), a loyal friend, a great entertainer who sets the most beautiful tables. She makes her house and her now screened-in porch warm and welcoming. She is the queen of hearth and home. And she is the best sister in the world.

She’s always teased me about being older, but looks like she’s catching up to me. Happy birthday, sis!

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