Friday, June 17, 2011


No, this is not an image from the recent Ascot horse races in England. It's Elissa, looking as beautiful as anyone who attended the races.

You know how big hats are at special events in England – like Prince William and Kate’s wedding. At horse races, too, like the famous Royal Ascot Race that took place this week. The hats were outrageous, fantastic.

My daughter Elissa tells me you have to have a hat for watching auto shows and auto races, too. So we went looking for hats at Walmart. Of course they don’t have to be as fancy, or as expensive, as those English hats, or the one's at the Preakness or the Kentucky Derby and other American horse races, following, and trying to outdo, the English tradition. They are worn for protection more than fashion.

Actually, I never knew there were so many
ways to make a hat. I marvel at the creativity, craftsmanship and imagination that goes into them. Also at the way they are held in place, which is beyond me. This held the biggest fascination for me while watching the Royal wedding!

I love wearing hats, but my feeling is you have to be tall to wear hats that look great. On the other hand, my hairdresser says anyone can look great in hats. It’s all in HOW you wear them. It’s all in your attitude when you are in a hat, or rather when a hat is on top of your head. You have to keep your head up and wear a hat proudly, haughtily, jauntily, with confidence!

Makes sense. But I don’t think anyone looks more beautiful in a large-brimmed hat than my daughter Elissa. She’s ready for the beach, for the races, for her next car show!


Melinda Young said...

As a devoted hat wearer in all seasons, all occasions, I agree and applaud your post. Hats are the secret to shaving a few years off one's age.

Francine (Fran) Curro Cary said...

Ahs, Melinda, an age-saver, too. How could I forget THAT.

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