Monday, April 18, 2011

Yellow Moon, Snow on Forsythia

Oh my goodness. I looked out the bay windows in the front of my apartment at 10:30 pm last night and to my delight and surprise saw a full yellow moon in a velvet black sky. It was very close, just a few feet outside my window. It hung in the sky like a giant yellow ball hit out of the ballpark. I had seen a moon like this before, in Ukraine; it had drawn me like a magnet to my window. Is it Loren, signaling us to take a look? Is he watching too? The pale yellow moon was surrounded by a yellow halo, like a blessed person. An Easter moon? A moon angel, perhaps? It floated into my dream world as I fell asleep.

Little did I know that this moon angel presaged an April snowfall. Monday morning started out grey and rainy and chilly. I snuggled under the electric blanket my daughter Elissa let me borrow, a Christmas present I had given her a few years ago, “the best Christmas present I ever got,” she calls it.

The painter came early, at 8:00 am, and an hour later, I looked out my window, and it was snowing. Snowing in April. Coming down fast and furiously in large, very large, flakes, falling on forsythia and daffodils.

“You’re not in Florida anymore,” Dave the painter shouted from the living room, sounding like Dorothy in the Land of Oz. Not in Ukraine, either. It’s an altogether new place, psychically, spiritually, factually. A new NOW. A full yellow moon and snow on forsythia. A landscape of rebirth and light. A new beginning.

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