Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missing My PCV Angel

My brother Loren took me to the airport on 31 March 2009 to begin my Peace Corps Adventure in Ukraine, exactly 6 years after our mom’s death. We spoke with mom, told her what was happening. We hugged, long and lovingly, and he said, “See you in two years, sis. We’ll have lots to talk about.”

It was especially hard saying goodbye to Loren, my dearest friend and soulmate. I saw him once more, briefly, when I came home for my 70th birthday in 2009. And then we lost him.

I had one huge expectation that didn’t happen: I expected to have a reunion with Loren when I returned from Ukraine. I couldn't wait! It was not meant to be.. Loren was one of my biggest boosters. He was so glad I was a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) and he followed my adventure with loving faithfulness. He had no doubts about what I was doing. When others doubted, he affirmed. He understood. I loved his comments on my blogs and our email exchanges.

But there is no reunion. And I find myself grieving again, like I did after the news of his sudden death almost one year ago. I cry for my brother. More than anyone, he embodied the Peace Corps spirit. Now I'm hoping he's a PCV in heaven. It’s something he wanted to do. For sure he’s my PCV angel, united once again, together again.


Ukraine Barb said...

Yes, it must be so hard to come back to an America without him. I feel for you Fran.

eArThworm said...

We miss him in Tallahassee, too.

Francine (Fran) Curro Cary said...

Thanks, dear friends who are doing the Goddess's work.

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