Thursday, July 16, 2015

One of Everything Left

By the time you get to my age you have one item of every pair of everything you ever owned still left.  One wine glass of a once-lovely pair. One mug by that nice Nantucket ceramic artist. One earring from every set I once treasured, gold, pearl, opal, silver, handmade. It's even so with my candles, although there's less sentimental attachment. So I've stopped looking for pairs. Now I hold on to the single trophies of a lifetime and marvel at the memories.

"It's okay to wear two different earrings," my daughter says, as I search in vain for the match to the opal pair I got in Australia.

"Seems like I've lost one of everything I own," I tell her. "Like these earrings. Like these mugs."  We sip our coffee and ponder the thought. I'm drinking from an old stoneware set, my daughter from a pretty Christmas set.

Later, at dinner with my friend Judi who lives below me, "Judi down under" I call her, we share wine in two lovely wine glasses that were gifts from years' past.

"This is such a pretty wine glass," Judi says of the delicate crystal she raises.  "I like yours, too."

"I have one of everything," I lament.

"Couples don't last forever," she laughs.  "In any case, at our ages we don't need things.  Memories will do!"

I'll drink to that.  And light a candle from a once pretty pair for good measure.

"I like that Delft candlestick holder," Judi says.  "Thanks," I reply.  "It's from a set my mom had. I broke its mate."

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