Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sylvania Loves a Parade: Fall Festival 2014

Scenes from the Sylvania Fall Festival Parade, October 19, 2014.
Sylvania loves a parade.  And lots of  people turned out for the Fall Festival on this clear, crisp, colorful fall day.   Main Street buzzed with activity--arts and crafts booths, organizations and products to learn about, books and decorative items to buy, food to eat. The politicians were out in force, too.  Afterall, elections are right around the corner.

Here comes Philip's Maplewood School Cub Scout Pack 158!    
"I think this is one of the biggest crowds ever," I mentioned to Elissa.  She agreed, as we jostled through the dense crowds with Chase in a stroller and the boys tagging along.  We were excited that we were going to see cousin Philip march in his first-ever parade, with the Maplewood School Cub Scouts.  After lots of police and fire vehicles, fancy and antique cars, baton twirlers and cheerleaders, decorated trucks and great bands, came the Scouts.  "Maplewood Scout Pack 158.  That's what we're looking for," Elissa advised, as we strained to see the various scout troops marching by.

"There he is!" Kyle shouted out.  "I see him!" We all looked at the oncoming group of cub scouts and, sure enough, there was our Philip, smiling and waving and running with his friends.  He stopped to give Chase a kiss and a wave to the rest of us, but not for long.  He was back marching with his fellow cub scouts, as we high-fived around, watched the Shriners and their little red cars performing, and waved happily along to the very end.

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