Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Not one more"-- Better Safe than Sorry Laws needed
Like millions of other Americans, I've signed dozens of petitions begging Congress to pass gun laws that keep weapons of war off the streets and out of the hands of the mentally ill through background checks and other preventive measures.

Nothing happens, until the inevitable next tragedy. Then nothing happens again.  It's a cycle of violence/reaction, violence/reaction without end.

I see the agony on the face of a father who lost a beautiful 20-year-old son who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I weep.  An only son, a young life extinguished. We cannot imagine the horror and the pain.  I've signed more online petitions: "Not one more."  An anguished father's plea.  I stand with Mr. Martinez.

After every tragedy, I along with millions of Americans wonder about our mental health system.   What changes are needed so that mentally ill people who could be a danger to themselves and others are placed in safe houses of some kind.  What legislation is needed to allow police to act on warnings and suspicions foretelling the murders of innocent people? How improve the communication between mental health officials and law enforcement?

We obviously need some kind of "Better Safe than Sorry" legislation addressing both guns and mental health issues.  I believe that the Santa Barbara cops could have stopped this last tragedy that killed Mr. Martinez's son if such laws existed.

With so many Americans wanting reasonable gun control legislation and mental health reform, why can't we make a dent?  Why is the gun lobby still able to scare our legislators? Australia changed their laws and took most guns off the street. It's made a difference.  If they did it, why can't the United States? Nothing changes, if nothing changes.
To sign up for "Not One More, End Gun Violence"

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