Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tallahassee Time

Mom-to-be with her mom, her sister, friends and family,
at baby shower;  watching Leo play soccer   (he scored two goals!);
 in Andy's garden, flowers for our mom.. The spoon and fork
Kaaren is holding up were my brother Loren's.  .The middle photo
shows Jenn, Andy, and dear friends Cheryl and Linda.  

It was Tallahassee family week, and I was happy to be there with my sister Andy.  The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. The capitol of Florida glowed with flowers, greenery and color everywhere.  My sister’s garden and pots overflowed.  We celebrated the coming birth of a new child in our ever-growing, extended, and far-flung family.  My niece Kaaren is expecting her first child in July, a boy.  She came from Amsterdam, where she’s lived for some ten years, to celebrate with us.  Kaaren and her sister grew up in Tallahassee, went to college and graduate school in Florida.  Many of their friends were with us.  She and her sister are “Tallahassee Lassies, ” the southern part of our family. She is a radiant and beautiful mom-to-be.  Daddy Jeff stayed in Amsterdam, and celebrated Queen’s Day and the crowning of a new King, but his mother, aunt, brother and family joined us in Tallahassee, which was special. Andy hosted a barbeque dinner and Ali hosted a beautiful baby shower the next day, full of her creative touches.  Kaaren believes her uncle Loren is celebrating this coming birth with us.  “He’s my angel, and also nana and grandpa.,” she says.  Andy believes it. I want to believe it, too.

Spring and new birth: Nothing brings family and friends together like awaiting a new child.  It was a joyous week in Tallahassee, the place where springtime comes to America.  
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