Friday, March 1, 2013

The last poetry night at Dragonfly

Some of us at the last Poetry Night at Dragonfly, 20 February 2012, remembering
 Jennifer's contributions, and a photo of my daughter  Elissa  &  Dragonfly  logo on Thanksgiving Day. . 
Dragonfly has closed.  Sylvania has lost a community treasure. Last Wednesday night, more than a dozen  people gathered for the last Poetry Night.  They  read their poems, shared memories, told funny stories.  George played the flute, a medley of Celtic, Native American, and African songs, as well as well-known songs that are part of “the standard repertoire.”

Bittersweet.  An evening of mixed emotions, like all endings that are new beginnings. 

Like Arnie’s “Dem Dry Bones” and  “More than A Wish,” lovely poems for Jennifer, in a unique voice.   Like Jennifer’s reading "the gifts from the Holy Spirit.,” which I think she said was a Bible verse from Isiaah, citing a list of universal virtues that she's learned along the way, like kindness, patience, wonder, understanding.  “....Against such things there is no loss.”

Gordon shared the "archetypal" story of Perceval's search for the holy grail, about humankind's "inner journeys,"  and underscored the meaning of the words from "the holy spirit."   Jim Fahey, with his usual great voice, gusto and dramatic flair, read from his poetry and stories, sounding themes of  joy, longing, and humor (“Toledo, Michigan”!). Others read poems and told stories. 

It felt a bit like “The Last Waltz,"  the last concert of  The Band  in San Francisco in 1976, and that fabulously-produced album.and Martin Scorsese’s documentary.   “After 16 years on the road, it’s time for a change,” Robbie Robertson had said.  .  

Change can be a good thing, but it's not always easy.  I’ve been in Sylvania for 2 years, arriving in April 2011 from Ukraine, after having lived inn Florida for 10 years.  I’ve loved getting to know my new neighborhood, it’s people, architecture, walks and parks, its Main Street businesses.  Dragonfly became a favorite spot for tea and friendship,  and had a good community spirit.  I wish it could have gone on for some 16 years, like The Band.  But “to everything there is a season,”  and Dragonfly had a good run.

To Jennifer
February 20, 2013

Thanks for Dragonfly.
For soothing tea and good food,
A place to share poetry, art and stories,
To enjoy the company of others,
Listen to music and 
the sounds of souls in tune
with the vibes of a special place. 
A labor of love.
We’ll be with you as you travel on.  
Find joy in good memories. 
Take us with you wherever you go.

My sister Andy at Dragonfly when she visited
me from Tallahassee, FL, last June 2012, with the original  Dragonfly sign.
She was sad to hear the news.

"What happened," my sister Andy asked.  The Dragonfly cafe, which Andy loved when she visited me last year, could not make it financially, I told her.  The regulars are sad.  It was a place to meet and greet, enjoy healthy food, music and art, the companionship of good people.  This is what made Dragonfly a part of our community life.  We all believe in the slogan "shop locally," and we tried to keep it going. It was more than a business, it was a gathering place.  It was more than a store or a shop.  It was  a community art center, where anyone could walk in, relax with a cup of tea, feel at home.  We know Jennifer will find that as one door closes another door opens, but we will miss  the "Fly."  

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