Monday, May 14, 2012

Making Mother's Day Memories 2012

Daughters Elissa (orange top) & Michelle (green sweater)
flank grandchildren Julia with her son Philip,
Alli holding baby Chase, Josh and Kyle (May 13, 2012).
It was a day of gratitude for the mothers we are, the mothers we birthed, and the children they birthed.

My daughters Elissa and Michelle came over to Casa de Mama with their children, and granddaughter Julia brought over her son, my great-grandson, Philip.  I was the oldest, Chase the youngest.  Chase slept peacefully while we ate, shared memories, exchanged cards and gifts, joked and laughed.  The boys made some great cards, with many promises to Michelle to help around the house; warm thanks from Joshua for all the Milano cookies I’ve bought for him (with hopes for more!); and funny, clever words of thanks from Kyle.   In keeping with a little tradition, Alli took her mom to dinner, along with her brothers.  I babysat Chase.

We are making new memories.  Life is good.   

With special thanks to my host mom's in Ukraine, 2009-2011: Этот День матери я помню прекрасно мама хозяина в Украине: Люба и Наталья на Kyrova в Старобельске, Валя в Чернигов, когда я был волонтером Корпуса Мира в процессе обучения. Спасибо!
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